Radica Wright’s journey in netball began at the age of 5 where she played at her schools, local club level, and the Jamaica Business house. Ms. Wright’s exceptional abilities quickly caught the attention of coaches and teammates. Her dedication to training and relentless pursuit of excellence propelled her to new heights for netball. Beyond her remarkable skills on the court, Radica also made significant contributions to the development of netball as a whole with the development of Netball Youth Sport Association in 2011 and Florida Netball and Soccer Association in 2022. She played an intricate part in starting the North Florida Youth Football and Cheer conference in 2008 and Argyle Forest Youth Sports Association in 2008 which brought unlimited football to Jacksonville, Florida. Recognizing the need for greater opportunities for women and youth in sports, she works tirelessly to promote the growth of netball. Radica’s efforts helped elevate the sport’s visibility and attract new fans and male players, inspiring a generation of young athletes to follow in her footsteps. Radica Wright’s love for netball is marked by her unparalleled skills, leadership, and advocacy. Her unwavering dedication to the sport continues to leave an indelible mark on the netball landscape, inspiring countless individuals to pursue their dreams and strive for greatness in the game she loves. On March 18, 2023, Radica Wright became the newly elected President for USA netball. She will continue to demonstrate remarkable skill, determination, and leadership qualities that will shape generations of netball players for the future of netball in the United States of America.



Jasmine Keithan Grayson is a highly respected figure in the world of netball in Trinidad and Tobago. From a young age, she displayed exceptional talent and a deep passion for the sport. Jasmine's skills quickly gained recognition, leading her to represent her school and local clubs. Her dedication to training and continuous improvement earned her a spot on the secondary schools National Netball Team of Trinidad and Tobago, where her speed, agility, and court presence made her a formidable player. Off the court, Jasmine became an inspiration and role model for aspiring netball players. She actively engaged in community programs, conducting coaching clinics and nurturing the next generation of talent. Jasmine's contributions extended beyond her playing career as she took on coaching roles, opened her own netball league, and served as an Executive member of the Trinidad & Tobago Netball Association. Her strategic insights and technical expertise proved invaluable in helping individuals and teams reach their full potential. In 1991, Jasmine migrated to the United States and continued her coaching career. She was a founding member of the Caribbean American Netball Association in New York and later became Vice President of the USA Netball Association, the governing body for netball in the United States. Jasmine has held various roles within the association, including Team Manager and Assistant Coach for the USA National Netball Team. Although her tenure in office will end in 2024, she remains optimistic about the future of netball in the United States. Jasmine's dedication, hard work, and passion for the sport continue to inspire athletes both in Trinidad and Tobago and in the United States, leaving a lasting impact on the netball landscape of both countries.



Jacqueline Brathwaite, a native of Antigua, is a prominent figure in the world of netball. She began her athletic journey at the age of 13, participating in both track and field as a sprinter and netball at the school and club levels. Jacqueline was fortunate to be coached by Yvonne Williams Willis, a renowned figure in Antigua and Barbuda's sporting community, who had represented the country as the second-ranked Goal-Shooter in the 1979 World Netball Championships. Despite her young age, Jacqueline would practice with club players, even though she couldn't officially join the Netball Club league. Currently, she holds the position of President of the Arizona State Netball Association (ASNA) in Phoenix and serves as the Trustee representing the Southwest Region on the Board of the USA Netball Association. Jacqueline's primary goals revolve around raising awareness of netball in Arizona, developing the sport in the Southwest region of the United States, and continuing her coaching endeavors. She aims to build a strong community of netball players and establish netball as a widely recognized sport in the region. Additionally, she aspires to identify and nurture talented players and officials, leveraging her own skills and experiences to enhance their development. Jacqueline's netball journey includes achievements such as captaining the Antigua and Barbuda National Schools Team, representing the country in the Caribbean Netball Championship, and serving as the Secretary of the Antigua and Barbuda Netball Association. Her academic pursuits led her to earn a Bachelor of Business Administration in Marketing and Business Administration from Western Michigan University, followed by a Post Graduate Diploma in Education with a concentration on Adolescence from the University of Namibia.

During her time in Namibia, Jacqueline continued her netball career at the club level, specializing as a defensive player. She enjoyed remarkable success, winning multiple league championships and being selected to represent the Namibian National team in various competitions, including the African Games and the Southern African Development Community University Games (SADCUG). In addition to her playing career, Jacqueline contributed to the sport as a selector, coach, and umpire. She served as a selector for the Namibia National School and Under21 teams and held the role of National Coach for these teams for two consecutive years. Throughout her journey, she has actively participated in netball training, coaching, and umpiring clinics worldwide, further expanding her expertise. Since moving to the United States in 2003, Jacqueline has been dedicated to promoting and playing netball in various states, including New York, New Jersey, Maryland, and Washington, D.C. She currently resides in Arizona, where she continues her efforts to elevate netball in the state and the Southwest region.



Vanessa Bartholomew, originally from the beautiful Caribbean island of Grenada, now calls Brooklyn, New York, her home. Embracing her passion for netball, Vanessa eagerly accepted the role of North East Regional Director for USA Netball, a position that also grants her membership on the esteemed Board of Trustees. Vanessa's primary aim and objective as the North East Regional Director are to foster strong connections with netball organizations and clubs within her region. She is dedicated to informing them about the Association's positive ventures and initiatives, as well as providing them with opportunities to actively participate in uplifting the sport. Vanessa aims to create a platform where these organizations and clubs can engage, collaborate, and contribute to the growth and development of netball.

With her passion, knowledge, and enthusiasm for netball, Vanessa strives to expand awareness of the sport and encourage active involvement from individuals and groups in her region. By facilitating connections and sharing valuable avenues, she aims to empower netball organizations and clubs to make a lasting impact and collectively elevate the sport to new heights.

Vanessa's dedication as the North East Regional Director for USA Netball exemplifies her commitment to strengthening the netball community and creating opportunities for netball enthusiasts to engage and thrive. Through her efforts, she aspires to inspire and support individuals and organizations in their journey to advance and uplift the sport of netball in the North East region and beyond.



Danette John holds the esteemed position of Southeast Representative on the board of trustees for USA Netball. Additionally, she serves as the team manager for the Agape Netball Club, located in Stone Mountain, Georgia. Danette's passion for netball traces back to her high school days in her native Antigua and Barbuda, where she actively played for the Bendals Village Netball team. Recognizing the positive impact of netball on her life, Danette credits the sport for boosting her confidence, enhancing social interactions, and cultivating healthy coping mechanisms. Driven by her profound love for the game, she aspires to introduce, promote, and expand netball not only in the United States of America but also across the global stage. Danette's dedication to the sport and her role within USA Netball exemplify her commitment to advancing netball and creating opportunities for individuals to experience the numerous benefits it offers. With her enthusiasm and drive, she is actively working towards popularizing netball and ensuring its growth and recognition in the United States and beyond.



Janay Whittaker's introduction to netball came through her mother, Winsome Whittaker. Despite soccer being her primary sport, Janay has been playing netball on and off since before the age of 10. Despite her dual sporting interests, she has managed to participate in netball competitions across various states in the United States and even traveled to St. Lucia for the sport. Janay has been a dedicated member of the Agapé Sports Club in Stone Mountain, GA, where she has also taken on coaching responsibilities.

In 2011, Janay was a valuable member of the USA Netball squad that achieved a remarkable 3rd place finish in the American Federation of Netball Association (AFNA), now known as Americas Netball, World Cup Qualifying Tournament. Despite her youth, she has held leadership positions at both state and national levels, making her the youngest member in many instances. Currently, Janay serves as the Independent Board Member on the USA Netball Board of Trustees, where she contributes her exceptional processing, logistical, and technological skills to foster the sustainable growth of USA Netball and the sport of netball in the United States of America. Her contributions have included developing strategic corporate partnerships and playing a crucial role in enhancing USA Netball's social media presence.